Sunday, May 17, 2009

URL+ Screen shots of competitors websites
  • This site is under sonstruction for quite some time...and not much information >.<

  • light blue and white as main colour
  • boxy and boring
  • the pisture are interesting,nice shoot

  • Light blue and white as main colour
  • Clean,fresh and healthy looking
  • consider a "nicer" websites compare with others that i'hv found
  • still boxy but they have tried to put in rounded edges for the box
  • he way of arraging information,everything is not that boring.
  • give me more professional feelings

  • Yellowish/Reddish colour
  • bright and lively feelings
  • fresh and colourful(fruits)
  • using articles and ads to push their product
  • with updated news,events
  • boxy T.T
  • boring also @.@

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