Thursday, October 29, 2009

My style frame for motion graphic

This is my style frame,
is about road accident and increasing rate of death cause by accident in malaysia..

car can be a weapon for us and if you misused it it'll hurt and kill somebody, even ourself.
and in this case, other ppl are like shooting target for those who love to speed, ignore the traffic like and so on.

the traffic light is like a timebomb, when it turn red,
if we ignore it and still cross the road, it's like time bomb that will explode anytime and cause death..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Site map

Mood board
Project concept proposal

Project definition
This project is about redesign commercial website. We’hv been randomly given a brand, unit or organization as our client along with a chosen main target audience. The task is to study their existing website and its target audience to propose a new concept towards enhancing the interface of the existing web design.
We need to create more than 8 HTML pages,fully functional website that shows at least 3 levels of content structure. Website must remain useful and compelling to the needs of both client & the audience.

We are allowed to: Change the logo and identity, Reposition the brand.
This project allowed us to understand & experience the process of commercial web design, from pre-production to post-production. We will learn to put our technical skill and understanding of web design consideration in practice to produce functional and practical website.
The most important aspect of this learning process is that you make your own way of exploration into different approaches of web design and technical implementation. Inspire each other with your creative ideas, thinking and design.
The project timeline is 8 weeks.

Client’s Analysis

Background Information
My client is SUSU LEMBU ASLI GROUP, which is the manufactured and distribution company of fresh milk, dairy products and health beverages. Website link :
Susu Lembu Asli Group was first incorporated in 1968 by its founder, the late Mr. Yong Lee Sang. Started as a small-scale fresh milk with its activities mainly concentrated in the state of Negeri Sembilan. They are now one of the leading players in the dairy industry.Their products are marketed under three brand names – Goodday, Daily Fresh and Mr. Farmer -- all which have become trusted household names in Malaysia.

Mission and Vission
“At Susu Lembu Asli Group, it is our passion to deliver products of superior quality and delectable taste for customers’ enjoyment and good health. We believe that in a market where people are becoming increasingly health-conscious, our Group plays an important role in helping them meet their nutritional needs.”

Corporate Vision: The corporate vision of the Susu Lembu Asli Group is to be consumers’ preferred choice for dairy products and health beverages in Malaysia.

Corporate Mission:
• As a Group that aspires to be the best in the food and beverage industry, our corporate mission is underlined by five objectives as follows:
• To ensure total customer satisfaction through quality products and services by adopting strategies that could differentiate us from our competitors, selling a diversified range of products, motivating our staff to excel at the workplace, exceeding customers’ expectations and introducing a value feedback scheme to gauge our customer service;
• To enhance the efficiency of our operating processes at all stages through advance and constructive planning, effective control and measure, utilisation of technology and innovation, effective mobilisation of resources and optimum employment of distribution network, so as to minimise operating costs without compromising the high quality standards for our products and services;
• To enhance professionalism among our staff members through effective recruitment as well as the provision of education, training and development programmes, so as to create a win-win, trusted and harmonious working environment;
• To achieve financial excellence through effective deployment of capital and financial facilities, so as to ensure sustained growth; and
• To add value to Malaysia’s economy, so as to stimulate its growth and benefit the local community as a whole.

Current Site’s Analysis Goals

The content in the site now is mainly about the company profile, background, vision and mission,the products and a enquiry page for the users.
The first glance of this site to me is nothing much, a welcome page with basic company profile, contacts, some random pictures of their products, and the certification of the products. Besides from the main page,is the company profile page which contains the company mission and vision and the complete version of the company profile. Following by the product page, there is a wide range of products of fresh milk, dairy products and health beverages. The information of the products are sufficient and the pictures of the product are also pretty clear. The another page is the enquiry page, it’s simple and user friendly enough.

In order to look for the room of improvement, I’hv try to list out some problems, deficiency part of the site that can be improve. First I think the whole site is too boxy, the colour tone is dull, doesn’t seems fresh and supposable it have to look fresh and healthy to match the message and image of the product. The next thing is that the content text in the site is unplanned, there are a few type of font in the site, we should make it consisitency. The kerning and spacing of the text are also unorganized, not comfortable to read.

For the product page, the photo of the product are not eye-catching/interesting enough, it doesn’t has much power to persuade people to buy it. The problem of the enquiry page is like a bit odd to me, seems like the margin of the boxes are not well organized, the layout is boring and simply for me it doesn’t really welcome any one to leave their enquiry.

Short and Long-term Site Goals

For short term, they can have promotions or events of the products like promotion of buying 2 large free one small drinks or some discounts on certain period, or having some competition like lucky draw if purchase certain package of the products, collect the label and get rewarded and others. They can always update their events and promotions advertising in the site, so that can attack more consumers, buyers to keep tracking their site, keep updated of their new products, new flavour or anything else.

For long term, besdies they can keep the events, promotions update keep on going one a while for certain period, they can also give out free samples for those shops, retailers whenever there’s something new coming out, or giving out to those who leave enquiry at their site. I think some newsletter of related health facts, award, certification of nutrition contains in the drinks, dariy products can also be posted, updated in their site. This will gain more visitors to the site and increase the sales.

Target Audience

The target audience range are pretty wide because as we know the products are fresh milk, dairy products and health beverages. The main target audience is those who concern about their health, request for superior quality products and delectable taste healthy beverages. It is more to families, youth and adults.
They can keep updated by browsing through the healthy tips from the site,
The nutrition facts and so on. Besides from that, the audience can also know when’s the promotion going on or the event period so that they can buy the item in cheaper price and enjoy more of the benefit from the healthy beverages.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Beutiful commercial websites

  • This is a website of a fibre drink
  • The main colour and theme are feminine,suit for the target audience which are female too
  • They use image of model,pretty girls to show the healthiness of the drink
  • the website form is not in box,it's in half rounded

  • This is a website of launching a Peugeot Car
  • The main colour is Blue and white
  • althou it's using boxy style,but the way the website interact with user is intersting
  • you can change the colour of the car using colouring method
  • they intoduce the car and it's sparepart in a more fun way

  • This website is a website of drinks
  • The overall colour is harmony,nice matvh with the drinks.
  • they make the drinks bcome a character and with own story
  • the layout is without a "frame", and abit different of everypage
  • feel the fun of the product

  • This is a korea site, it's a website of a beer brand
  • the website contruction is not in boxy type but curvy type
  • and the beer image itself got smoke,feel very alive
  • the whole environment is interesting, match with the beer image
  • the navigation button change in interesting way,unike normal ways.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

URL+ Screen shots of competitors websites
  • This site is under sonstruction for quite some time...and not much information >.<

  • light blue and white as main colour
  • boxy and boring
  • the pisture are interesting,nice shoot

  • Light blue and white as main colour
  • Clean,fresh and healthy looking
  • consider a "nicer" websites compare with others that i'hv found
  • still boxy but they have tried to put in rounded edges for the box
  • he way of arraging information,everything is not that boring.
  • give me more professional feelings

  • Yellowish/Reddish colour
  • bright and lively feelings
  • fresh and colourful(fruits)
  • using articles and ads to push their product
  • with updated news,events
  • boxy T.T
  • boring also @.@


Links of HTML/CSS/JAVA scripts

Design Tutorial Links

We Design2

It's was my new term again.....web design 2 subject..
this time we are require to revamp a commercial website O.O

well, i got it~~~Good Day...any impression? it's a local company produce beverage...milk.yogurt,fruit juice...

i think his full company name "Susu Lembu Asli Group" is more known to some of us XD
heard of it? yea,you can get their product evrywhere~

here's some of the screen shot of the website.

  • The first impression is blueee
  • specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of fresh milk, dairy products and health beverages in Malaysia.
  • too boxy?
  • make the whole website look more "healthy"?
  • more "fresh"?